Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall decor

Autumn is my favorite season when it comes to decorating. I love the rich, warm tones and satisfying color combinations. Geneve and I have been having too much fun decorating together.

Are not the bookends cute?!

This would be on top of the refrigerator in our bedroom. It's called making the best of what you have. :)

Sigh...I just love fall!


  1. ooooo! that coffee mug is officially adorable!

  2. Very pretty! Makes me happy to think of you and Geneve decorating together.

  3. Such a good taste!! Very beautifully decorated!! Fall is so gorgeous!

  4. Umm, Rosie, fall is past here! It's actually winter time! Maybe you should change your post? :)

  5. Diane,

    I know...it's sad. :( I just haven't had much time or access to my blog. I'm considering my blogging options...maybe I will start another, password protected blog where I share more details and pictures of my daily life...

    Guess what, girl? I'm home!!!! I got here late last night. I really miss you. Have a wonderful week of Christmas....